Real Bride-to-be: Bekkie


Name: ​​ Bekkie D
Partner’s name: ​Martyn
Your ages: ​​25 and 27

How did you meet…

​A mixture of working together on the same department in a large supermarket and him being in a band. Truth be told, his band was playing at our local venue and I’d had a bit too much to drink and recognised him from work… So I heckled him.

Engagement story…

After celebrating our 7 year anniversary in December and Martyn getting a promotion at work, he decided it was the best time to pop the question on Christmas day. My favourite part was that my Dad knew as Martyn had asked him, but my Mum didn’t. So when I announced to her that we were getting married, her response was better than mine. She was actually stirring the gravy for dinner and I kept trying to get her to look at my hand to show her my ring. When she eventually saw it, she got so excited she almost dropped the pan of gravy all over the floor!

Wedding date: ​19th April 2014

Wedding venue:​ Arties Mill nr Brigg, Lincolnshire

Reception venue:​ Arties Mill

Colour scheme/theme: Easter, bright colours (Red, pink & Lime green) and punk rock.

How did you decide on your colour scheme/theme…

With us both being a fan of punk rock, It had to be included. The red and pink is just what I’d always wanted and the Lime is my team’s colour. Easter because well, it’s Easter weekend and we have 4 pet rabbits

Describe your wedding in 10 words… Fun, bright, bouncy, smiley, colourful, punk, bunnies, playful, cake, dancing.

How much planning have you done so far…

Basic planning of dress has started (Best friend is a professional dress maker), basic things booked but not planned properly (photobooth, venue, dressmaker, jewellery maker, venue décor, cake)

Next thing to tick off the ‘to-do’ list…

Get designs down and get rings sorted, thankfully that can work around our busy lives!

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