Real Bride-to-be: Jennifer H


Name… Jennifer H

Fiance’s name… Oliver

Your ages… Both 24 (although I will be 25 when we get married, Oliver is 6 months younger)

How did you meet…

We are childhood sweethearts. Were friends for a couple of years but always fancied each other. Ollie was too shy to ask me out though. In the end, after lots of nudging and interfering from my friend, he asked me out, via text message on his way to a ski trip. I told him to ask me properly when he got back, so he did, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Engagement story…

Our engagement wasn’t ‘romantic’ in the conventional sense, but for me, that makes it more romantic. We were at University together and Ollie was staying over in my room. He had cooked me a dinner (home made lasagne and chips) and I went into the bathroom for a shower. I put on my pjs and when I walked back into my room, the light was off and ‘our’ song was playing. I opened the door to find the light off and candles lit and Ollie down on one knee holding out my beautiful engagement ring.

Wedding date… We are getting married December 5th 2013..

Wedding venue…

We are getting married at the beautiful St Marys church in Prittlewell. Its a beautiful church with a huge organ and a full choir. We always said that when we got married, this is where we would do it. We used to do so many school carol concerts here so it holds some happy memories for us too.

Reception venue…

Our reception is being held at Ballards Gore Golf and Country Club in Canewdon. it has recently been renovated after it burnt down 18 months ago. It is beautiful and has big French doors that open out onto the green.

Wedding party…

We have 4 bridesmaids and 4 groomsmen. All adults. Ollies oldest friend, Mike, is his best man and my best friend Tasha, is my Chief bridesmaid. I have both, mine and Ollie’s, sisters too and another close friend. And ollies groomsmen are all friends of his. (We are all still friends from school).

Colour scheme/theme… Red and white colour scheme although we have a superhero theme too.

How did you decide on your colour scheme/theme…

We decided as it was a winter wedding we could be bold and being three weeks before Christmas we could use traditional colours. So we have a ‘pillar box red’ and diamond white colour scheme.

The theme of superheros came about because it is a big hobby of Ollie’s and I really wanted him to be a big part of the planning process and make the day special to him too. Lots of our dates were to the cinema to watch superhero movies and he collects graphic novels too. Plus the theme seemed so unique that we both just ran with it. We have comic book bunting decoration (made by myself) superhero table names, miniature hero table favours in gift bags with superhero tags on. Even the cake has received the superhero touch!

Describe your wedding in 10 words… elegant, simple, romantic, exciting, unique, memorable, lovely, fun, cheesy but beautiful.

How much planning have you done so far?

Our planning is pretty much finished, everything is organised and we are just paying off the balance on everything now.

Next thing to tick off the ‘to-do’ list…

Making the table favours and completing the table plan display.

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