To veil, or not to veil?

This, along with how to have my hair, is one of my big dilemmas at the moment.

When I was younger I always imagined I’d wear a veil. Then I went to my first wedding as an adult and the Bride wasn’t wearing one and that totally threw me. So I thought I’d do a few ‘to veil or not to veil’ moodboards for you all in case you’re in a similar position to me!




20130917-105907.jpgNot sure if its helped my decision at all… but there’s some beautiful ladies, veils, headpieces and dresses (and Grooms!) there!!

4 thoughts on “To veil, or not to veil?

  1. I was just discussing this! Even if brides wear veils these days they often don’t have a tier covering their face. I can’t imagine not getting married with a veil over my face!

  2. See I’m the opposite, I cant imagine getting married WITH a veil over my face… unless I was getting married in a church (which I’m not). In one way, I almost think its ‘church etiquette’ to veil your face – thats what they do in DIsney films isn’t it?! However, one of the last two church weddings I went to, the Bride didn’t wear a veil at all! Just shows how times have changed and how much choice you have these days!!

  3. My veil was probably my favourite part of my outfit (especially as I made it myself). I couldn’t imagine NOT having a veil. I got married in a church and wore my veil over my face, even though my own nan apparently told my mum that it was “very old fashioned”. I loved the moment my step-dad lifted the veil over my face, even if he did knock it a bit, causing the veil to fall out of my hair mid-cermony (cue lovely usher rushing to the front and helping me put it back in!) I think the veil decision is a difficult one if you have no strong feeling either way…and completely depends on your outfit/venue/theme. I did take my veil out after the photos those as it was cathedral length and people kept standing on it!

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