Real Bride-to-be: Tara

The lovely Tara is a bit like me, she likes details and linking memories and important things to her big day!! Here is she to share them all with you!!


Name: Tara, 28

Fiance’s name: Ricky, 30

How we met…

I was born in Romford, Essex and grew up there, and Ricky was born and grew up 20 minutes down the road in Basildon, Essex. Despite living so close we never met or come across each other before! My parents moved to a tiny village in Spain called Almendricos in February 2007, where they met Ricky. His mum and her then boyfriend had moved to Spain a few years before and Ricky decided to join them. My mum kept showing Ricky photos of me, saying that he will like me… and it turns out he liked the look of me in my pics! However I didn’t know any of this until I decided to visit my parents in October! At that point I was in a long term relationship but wasn’t happy at all and hadn’t been for 5 years. So I went to Spain on my own and I was quickly introduced to Ricky. I fancied him BIG time when I saw him, but saw his tattoos and his charming smile and thought better of it…typical Essex lad! I was determined to stay away! Yet over the next few days I warmed to him; we got on really well and flirted a bit. I went back home and couldn’t stop thinking about him, my mum texted out of the blue saying that I have an admirer…It didn’t click that it could be Ricky – I honestly thought she was talking about their dog!I had spare holiday left over from work so went back to visit my parents over a long weekend for a fireworks party on 2nd November. I dressed to impress as the party was at Ricky’s mums house! Eeeeek!!! The night went well, and all the young people (including me) went to a night club called Budduh…after a few/a lot of drinks and some dancing, I got chatting to Ricky who told me he really liked me and wanted me to give him a chance!!! I know it was very naughty but I ended up snogging his face off!

Cut long story short, I left my then boyfriend, moved to Spain within 2 weeks and got together with Ricky, and I’ve never EVER been happier!!! People say we were meant to be, as even though we lived only down the road from each other all our lives, we ended up meeting in a tiny village in Spain…even stranger is my mum and Ricky’s auntie used to go to school with each other in Essex…freaky!

Engagement story…

26th July I went for a scan for our new baby, now being in Spain, we weren’t great at Spanish and so had to take an interpreter, who was a friend and neighbour. While I was having my scan the midwife/nurses were talking out loud about the baby’s sizes and stuff, then Ricky heard them say “Chica” I didn’t notice it. On the way home we begged our friend to not tell us the sex as we wanted a surprise when it was born. We dropped her off home but once we got into our house and were by ourselves we couldn’t contain ourselves knowing she knew and we didn’t! Ricky’s whole family is made up of boys and everyone was hoping for a girl, so he drove back over to our interpreters house to check he’d heard right and soon ran back into our home crying saying “we were having a girl”! We’ve never been so happy!! Later that evening Ricky started to tell me how much he loved me and that he will always support me…then proposed to me! He didn’t go down on one knee or anything but I was so shocked I didn’t really have a chance to digest it, but I managed it say yes! It was a day that literally couldn’t have been any better!!

Wedding Date… 16th August 2014

Wedding Venue… Haselbury Mill, Somerset

Wedding Party…

Tara – The Bride
Ricky – The Groom
Jackie and Robert (Bob) – Mother and Father of the bride
Cherry and Martin (separated) – Mother and Father of the groom
Bella & Bonnie – Flower-girls (our beautiful daughters)
Jamie – Main Bestman (brother)
Ryan – Bestman (brother)
Gemma – Maid of Honour (sister)
Robbie – Usher (step brother)
Sarah & Kirsty – Bridesmaids (sisters)
Robert – stand in (brother) my dad has been very ill, and he will be my stand in to walk me down the aisle if my dad can’t do it.

Colour scheme/theme.. We have chosen the colours grey and yellow for our wedding.We don’t really have a theme, but we wanted a laid back day, have a big party with our friends and family and some good food and drinks.

How did you decide on your colour scheme/theme?…

Somehow every time we go clothes shopping, we both end up buying grey clothes and our car is grey, so we thought why not go with our favourite colour! I’ve always liked the colour yellow; because of my dark skin yellow clothing always looks good on me. I did worry it could be too bright for us but when I mentioned this, Ricky was all for it. We then went to the florist to look at flowers we saw a fake bouquet with yellows and white in it and both fell in love with it…so that was it! We were having yellow in our wedding!
We did originally choose to have goldfish bowls on mirrors with lilies inside with yellow stones as our tables centre pieces.. But I am obsessed with Pinterest and came across some ordinarily milk jugs with gorgeous yellow flowers in them – we loved it! So we spoke to florist to change it all. We decided to have different jugs on each table as we didnt want them to look the same so have scoured bootsales, charity shops and antiques shops to make up 8 different jugs all together.
Being obsessive with Pinterest, and saw loads of different ideas, we come to realise that our theme has become country and rustic kinda theme.

Describe your wedding in 10 words… A laid-back, summery feel with good friends and family and a BBQ…all of which is US! (Sorry not quite 10 words!)

How much planning have you done so far?

We brought most of our jugs for centre pieces already from charity shops and bootsalea and we’ve booked the big things including photographer, florist, cake lady, chair-covers, DJ and of course, the venue! We’re also very close to booking an ice-cream van, hairstylist and makeup lady. I’ve also found THE DRESS!!!!
My Groom knows exactly what he wants for suits for groomsmen; they will be wearing grey suits with grey bow-ties. We’ve looked for wedding rings and found a couple we love, but we haven’t got them yet though. I’ve seen the shoes I want; I want yellow shoes with a little heel and then for the evening I want to wear my faithful yellow vans. Our flowers will all have yellow in them; the groomsmen buttonholes are yellow flowers, the bridesmaids will be wearing grey dresses and flowers are just all yellow and my bouquet will be made up of yellow and white flowers. Our flower girls will be wearing white dresses and shoes, with yellow petals in the baskets. The chair-covers we’re hiring will be decorated with yellow bows and our cake will be a 2 tiered cake with Daisy’s flowing down the side. We’re hoping to have one layer of double chocolate mud and the other layer as a lemon drizzle sponge. We’re also having 20 odd ice-cream cone cakes with flakes for all the kiddies that we have coming.

Next thing to tick off the to-do list?

Book and pay deposit for hairstylist and makeup ladies. Pay deposit for ice-cream van. Give notice of marriage this September.Then buy our wedding rings and pay more off the venue bill.

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