Escort card inspiration

I LOVE escort cards! Before I started planning our wedding I had never heard of them before, and I have to admit I thought they were something seedy…!!

But the more I come in contact with them the more I think they’re a really cool and stylish way of displaying what table our guests at sitting at. I’m now at the point where I’m trying to work out how to display the table names, and I’m thinking escort cards might be the way to go….


I’ve just got to find some that’ll work with our theme and work out how to display them now…

2 thoughts on “Escort card inspiration

  1. I also knew I wanted to have escort card, but my now husband didn’t quite get it. In fact I remember my FIL telling me it wasn’t worth it because people would just sit where they wanted. Except, they worked out perfectly, and I love the way ours turned out. So I would say, definitely do them!

    And just letting you know, I’m stopping by from weddingbee, where I post as Miss Ariel.

    • Great to hear from you! And really good to hear that your escort card display worked out well – my Mum had a similar reaction to my suggestion of doing one! Luckily my fiancé is very supportive of my idea!

      Have you got any photos of your escort card display? Not sure exactly how they work in a ‘real wedding’! Pinterest is all well and good but sometimes the images can be a bit staged!

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